Elevating Your Teaching with Top Hat & Aktiv

Top Hat Fall Refresh features talks by acclaimed educational experts and faculty presenters designed to elevate your teaching. 

Learn how fellow instructors are using evidence-based teaching practices and data-driven insights to improve student engagement in and out of class. Take a tour of Top Hat to see how we’re harnessing AI to personalize learning and take work out of course design and delivery. Watch any session you like. When it comes to raising your teaching game—and mastering our most powerful features—Top Hat’s Fall Refresh has you covered.

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Get a first-hand look at Top Hat’s latest features, the future of learning with AI, and how to lay the foundation for a more welcoming start to the new semester. Fill out the form to get access to any session you like.

  • Level Up Teaching and Learning with Top Hat

    Clare Castro, Product Marketing, Top Hat

    Get an inside look at how we’re transforming engagement outside the classroom by enabling students to ask questions and exchange ideas within the context of assigned readings. See how we’re closing achievement gaps with AI-powered support and new solutions designed to improve math readiness. Plus, learn how the power of AI will make it easier for you to develop assessments aligned to your content.

  • Elevating the Student Lab Experience

    Caitlin Shea-Vantine, Top Hat, and former lab coordinator at Florida Atlantic University

    Still relying on static lab manuals? It's time to harness the benefits of visual learning through Top Hat’s interactive digital lab experience. Discover how you can captivate students with dynamic questions and video demonstrations, providing a high-quality, immersive pre- and post-lab experience. You’ll also hear how one instructor used the power of customization to up the ante on student engagement —all while saving herself time using  Top Hat's digital labs with over 1,500 students.

  • Improving Student Outcomes by Teaching with Insight

    Andrea Hendricks, Georgia State University

    Discover how to harness Top Hat’s data-driven insights to enhance your teaching and improve student outcomes. From real-time assessment tools to our Weekly Course Report, this session will unveil the ways Top Hat empowers you to create dynamic and engaging courses, while generating the data you need to assess comprehension, provide feedback and increase the impact of your instruction.

  • Evidence-Based Teaching with Top Hat

    Demian Hommel, Oregon State University

    Frequent low stakes assessments. Problem solving exercises. Opportunities for discussion and reflection. Evidence-based teaching practices like these can have an outsized impact on student success. In this session, we share how Top Hat makes it easy to put learning science to work in even the largest classrooms. You’ll also hear from an educator who has applied the fundamentals of evidence-based teaching to enhance student engagement while ensuring all boats rise with the tide.

  • Aktiv + OpenStax’s McMurry: Unlock Student Success in Organic Chemistry

    Dr. Justin Weinberg, Aktiv Co-founder
    David Harris, Editor-in-Chief, OpenStax

    Striking the perfect balance between affordability and quality in learning materials is challenging. That's why we're thrilled to introduce a new collaboration between OpenStax and Aktiv, which provides students with access to McMurry's industry-leading Organic Chemistry textbook at no additional cost. Watch this session from Aktiv Chemistry co-founder Dr. Justin Weinberg and OpenStax Editor-in-Chief David Harris to learn more about this game changing collaboration.

  • Aktiv Spotlight: Driving Student Success in First Year Chemistry

    Dr. Justin Weinberg, Aktiv Co-Founder
    Lena Hoober-Burkhardt, University of Missouri-Kansas City

    Without the opportunity to apply knowledge, learn from mistakes and receive feedback, students may struggle to become proficient. Aktiv’s pioneering technology is changing the game by helping students visualize, interact with and practice solving problems to master even the most challenging chemistry concepts. Watch Aktiv’s co-founder, Dr. Justin Weinberg, as he highlights how Aktiv Chemistry lowers the barriers for student success in first-year chemistry courses. Plus, see how one professor is using Aktiv to reshape their classroom, boost student engagement, and drive student success.

  • From Passive to Active: Customized Learning with Top Hat Pages

    Cole Goulet, Sr. Onboarding Specialist, Top Hat

    All too often, traditional course materials treat learners as passive recipients of information. At the same time, instructors often lack the flexibility to adapt content to better reflect the needs, interests and diversity of their students. Make way for one of our most powerful features: Top Hat Pages! In this presentation, we show you how to create your own custom readings and interactive assignments. Plus, learn how to customize Top Hat Interactive eTexts to make learning more inclusive, engaging and affordable for your students.