Effortlessly Create, Administer and Grade Tests with Top Hat

Top Hat now allows instructors to create and securely administer exams in a BYOD environment. To get started, book your personalized product tour with one of our specialists today.

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Use Top Hat to create and run tests and exams

See how you can use Top Hat to test your students' comprehension and track their progress


Everything You Need to Create, Run and Grade Your Tests

  • Create exam questions, or import existing ones from the Top Hat Marketplace
  • Run your exam on the Top Hat app—students can access exams securely from their own mobile devices by entering a unique code supplied by instructors
  • Rely on algorithms to automatically lock students out of an exam if they exhibit activity indicative of cheating
  • Access a real-time proctor report generated in Top Hat to monitor student activity patterns and choose to let students back into the exam
  • Auto-grade exams in seconds and make results available in the Top Hat Gradebook

“I’m all about breaking down the walls of instruction and focusing on student-led experiences as a way for them to gain knowledge“

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—Chris Bone

University of Oregon

Chris Bone standing in front of a book case