Guide: Work-Life Balance, A Handbook for Professors

Essential tips and resources for:

  • Professors and instructors
  • Post-secondary administrators
  • Educators struggling to connect with Generation Z

Research shows that postsecondary educators, who often view their work as a vocation, are experiencing unseen levels of occupational stress. Faced with shifting demographics, elevated expectations and the challenge of mastering new technologies, faculty are struggling to balance their career demands with their personal lives and it’s leading to widespread burnout. In this Work-Life Balance handbook for professors, higher education journalist Philip Preville investigates the issues behind this sense of overwhelm, and offers concrete steps that educators can take to achieve that ever-elusive sense of work-life balance.

This guide will:

  • Discuss common reasons why burnout is on the rise among professors
  • Outline a 4-step method to manage overwhelm in academia
  • Explain the 6 things you can do, according to experts, to achieve a better work-life balance

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