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Dozens of professors are using Top Hat in their classes this year.



About 1 in 7 undergrads will encounter Top Hat at Texas Tech University.

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Shelby Kloiber

Exercise & Sport Sciences

“Attendance is a big factor in my larger classes, and Top Hat has made it so much easier. I have seen better test averages due to Top Hat’s homework and review tools. I also see a higher attention rate in my students during lecture as they need to pay attention to answer the in-class questions.
The new addition of being able to send out announcements has been wonderful as I can easily send out reminders of due dates. I also enjoy the ability to assign individual questions to individual students. I have a lot of student athletes that miss class for games so I often need to open questions for them at a later time.”

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Bryan Bernhard

Animal Science

“The students seem to really enjoy using Top Hat versus other online platforms. It has been extremely useful in my large classes to manage grading daily quizzes and attendance. The student have voiced their appreciation of the immediate feedback and grades after each question.”

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Shelley Fillipp

Nutritional Sciences

“I love using Top Hat. It keeps the students engaged! With 90 students and 13 guest speakers involved in my course, it reduced the paperwork greatly and was easy to use. I integrate questions at the end of PowerPoints to assess student knowledge gained after a lecture and reinforce concepts.”

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What is Top Hat?

The classroom engagement platform that empowers professors to easily create an interactive lecture experience

You can ask students questions, hold open discussions, present your powerpoint slides, and even collect grades in real–time all from a tablet. Students are then able to engage with your lecture through their own devices. Top Hat is the most advanced and user-friendly lecture tool available.

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