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Picture of Gary Drzewiecki

Professor Gary Drzewiecki

Biomedical Engineering

“I found Top Hat very user friendly. The videos and user guides made it easy to get my course up and running quickly. The support team is very responsive. I like the ability to alter my course materials at any time so I can be much more responsive to my students’ progress.
Top Hat solved the problem of taking attendance in a large class. The discussions and questions features most certainly increased my attendance and engagement with students. The students that normally hide in the back of class came to participate. The polling features of Top Hat were particularly useful to gauge if the class was understanding key concepts. I used it to know when to slow down and repeat material, as I could quickly assess how well they were absorbing the lecture content. The whole class became very happy when they all scored very well on the Top Hat questions and were learning.
Most importantly, my midterm scores have definitely improved with the addition of Top Hat.”

Multiple devices displaying Top Hat

What is Top Hat?

The classroom engagement platform that empowers professors to easily create an interactive lecture experience

You can ask students questions, hold open discussions, present your powerpoint slides, and even collect grades in real–time all from a tablet. Students are then able to engage with your lecture through their own devices. Top Hat is the most advanced and user-friendly lecture tool available.

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