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Dozens of MSU professors are using Top Hat in their classes this year.



Including over 600 students in Statistics and Mathematics courses.

Professor Aklilu Zeleke

Statistics and Probability

“Through Top Hat I am able to engage students inside and outside of the classroom. In particular, Top Hat allows me to assign online quizzes and online homework, take attendance quickly, and conduct online discussions on a regular basis. Students can use any mobile device such as a laptop, smart phone, or tablet to submit their responses. The tech support from Top Hat is outstanding. Issues were resolved at once.”
Dr. Zeleke teaches a 160-student Statistics for Scientists course at MSU.

Multiple devices displaying Top Hat

What is Top Hat?

The classroom engagement platform that empowers professors to easily create an interactive lecture experience

You can ask students questions, hold open discussions, present your powerpoint slides, and even collect grades in real–time all from a tablet. Students are then able to engage with your lecture through their own devices. Top Hat is the most advanced and user-friendly lecture tool available.

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