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Dozens of professors are using Top Hat in their classes this year.



Including over 400 students in Biology courses.

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Professor Phil Packer

Business Management

“I use Top Hat as a channel for students to participate in American Foundations discussions. It supplements direct, individual class discussion and group work. It particularly enables students who hesitate to participate in class discussions and helps to keep them involved. The enrollment process has worked smoothly and support for students with tech questions is readily available. I’ve been impressed with the consistent encouragement and help available to teachers.”

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What is Top Hat?

The classroom engagement platform that empowers professors to easily create an interactive lecture experience

You can ask students questions, hold open discussions, present your powerpoint slides, and even collect grades in real–time all from a tablet. Students are then able to engage with your lecture through their own devices. Top Hat is the most advanced and user-friendly lecture tool available.

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