Stacey Spiehler, a college student from Oxford, MS, put out a call on Twitter asking her followers to offer guidance for the college students who’d soon be going into their first year.

To say it struck a nerve may be an understatement: The Tweet garnered over 800 retweets, 5,880 likes and hundreds of pieces of advice from professors, students, comedy writers, authors and more. Here are 12 of the best pieces of advice solicited from the Twittersphere.

1) Don’t be overly concerned with perfectionism

2) Set your own pace

3) Utilize the countless possibilities

4) Go to office hours

5) No, really, go to office hours—as well career fairs, speaking engagements and more

6) Broaden your interests

7) Take control of your schedule

8) Try new things

9) But make sure to still go to class

10) Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance

11) Challenge your own beliefs

12) And, of course, do your readings

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