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The best online exam software for higher education is Top Hat. Use your own questions, or pick from our pre-made selections in a variety of subjects and formats.

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The #1 online exam software for classrooms and teachers

  • Create secure online exams
  • Include all types of questions, from you and the Top Hat Marketplace
  • One platform for all exams, tests and quizzes
  • Verify student attendance for added security
  • Eliminate instances of cheating
  • Address misunderstood concepts immediately with automatic grading
  • Don’t spend time calculating and grading manually
  • Online exam software to easily export results to your existing LMS
  • Students use their own phones, tablets, or laptops
  • Simplified online exam creation

Create secure exams using Top Hat online exam software

Top Hat software can be used to create secure exams that are administered online. In these online exams, students can use their own mobile devices, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and Chromebooks. The online exam software platform is both secure and reliable, so instructors are confident using it, and students are comfortable using devices with which they are already familiar and have in the classroom anyway.

Include questions of all types

Different exams require different types of questions. Generate your own questions of varying types, or use the Top Hat Marketplace virtual toolkit and library to pull questions in your respective area of learning to devise a comprehensive exam for students. Questions come in formats like multiple choice, word answer, numerical answer, true or false, and fill-in-the-blank so you can create an exam with our online exam software that will appropriately and effectively provide summative assessment of student progress.

Questions on Top Hat’s online exam software can be simple or complex and related to specific areas of study; like graphing tools for those taking an exam in math, or molecule builders for a final chemistry exam. Using the Top Hat Marketplace can help you reduce the time it takes to compose customizable tests–a test can be composed in minutes. It’s easy to use, but if you need help, the Top Hat team is available for assistance in instructional and curriculum design. Then, you can spend more time preparing for lectures and tending to your students.

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You only need one platform

With Top Hat online exam software, you only need to use one platform to create everything from midterm and final exams, to short quizzes, questionnaires, surveys, and polls during lectures for formative assessment as well. Once an exam is administered, the turnaround time to reporting results can be quick, so you have an idea of where the class, and individual students, sit in their learning. And likewise, each student gets an immediate understanding of their competency. They can use this immediate feedback to address strengths and weaknesses by working on areas they got incorrect and thus appear to need more research, or feeling confident that they are ready to forge ahead to the next topic or concept.

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Make sure students are present

In order to take an online exam using the Top Hat platform, a student must physically be present. To ensure this, they must enter a unique, auto-generated code that’s presented at the lecture to gain access to the online exam. If students attempt to log in remotely with their username through the help of a friend, for example, it won’t work. The online exam software can verify the student’s physical location as well, to ensure that they are where they say they are. This can be particularly effective for large lecture rooms and big classes with hundreds of students where it can be otherwise tough to quickly confirm attendance.

No worries about cheating

Students don’t have the opportunity to cheat using Top Hat online exam software. The secure Top Hat Test online exam software and browser can analyze and detect irregular browser movements and potential cheating, and lock the student out of the test, giving you time to review. It does this automated process through the use of proprietary algorithms that monitor the student’s activity patterns as they are taking the text. The educator sets the bar for acceptable browser behavior before the exam is administered. If you are satisfied that the learner isn’t cheating after all, you can let them back in with the online exam software.

Automatic grading lets you address issues immediately

As noted, since Top Hat online exam software can provide almost instant exam results, educators can get an immediate feel for how students are understanding the material, and adjust subsequent lectures, or their teaching approach accordingly. Likewise, students can self-assess their progress, and focus on the areas that need more attention more quickly versus having to wait days or weeks for their results. Accomplishing this efficiently can, in turn, lead to more successful student outcomes. Shortcomings can be addressed quickly, and conversely, time isn’t wasted on covering concepts that students already comprehend. In addition to summative assessment through things like exams, educators can also assign grading weights to attendance and participation with the online exam software, then have those figures worked into their overall grades. All grades are kept in the Top Hat gradebook.

No manual calculations needed

Rather than have to spend your time grading exams using paper or pens, or trying to organize Scantrons, Top Hat’s online exam software lets you get the tabulated results instantly, helping you focus on assessing and analyzing them either on your own and with students. Present results in an interactive fashion within lectures, in slides that include things like visual graphs, word clouds, or heat maps. This encourages students to collaborate with one another, learn from their mistakes, and focus on the areas of learning that are needed the most.

Export results to your LMS

All results from the Top Hat online exam software are captured in the Top Hat gradebook. And they can also be easily exported to an LMS as well. The Top Hat online exam software offers integration with various popular learning management systems, including Moodle, Blackboard, and Desire2Learn.

Students use their own devices

There’s no additional hardware required to use Top Hat online exam software. Students merely use their own devices in a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) setting, including smartphones (iOS and Android devices are supported), laptops, tablets, and Chromebooks. All they need to do is download the Top Hat test app, log in, enter a unique exam code and take the exam. For students who might not own a smartphone, the online exam software also works on desktop browsers through laptops.

Simple exam creation

Make summative assessment exams in minutes using Top Hat’s web-based online exam software. Include your own questions, and/or questions from the Top Hat Marketplace. The same software used for lengthy final exams and shorter midterm quizzes can also be used for other tests and polls you want to administer throughout the year for formative assessment. Having real-time insights into your teaching, and student learning, enables you to re-focus, and better work toward helping students achieve success. Top Hat is used by 750 of the top 1,000 colleges and universities across North America. Sign up now to simplify your exam creation and administering process so you can focus on the most important aspects of teaching.

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How easy is it to build online exams into my course content?

It’s super easy. As a professor you can securely administer tests and quizzes. Create your own tests using multiple interactive question types.

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