Sociology in Action 4th Edition

Diane Symbaluk, Tami Bereska

Sociology in Action articulates the importance of developing a sociological imagination and highlights the tools that are necessary to develop that skill: empirical research methods that create verifiable knowledge, sociological theories that explain that knowledge, and critical thinking that enables us to evaluate and extrapolate from that knowledge. By the time students have completed this text, they will be better equipped to engage in effective social action in the context of their families, communities, and professions as well as in the context of larger social problems such as social inequality and environmental degradation. Along with updates to content, boxes, and examples, the main focus of this edition is the inclusion of additional theory, diversity (including further coverage of Indigenous peoples) and updated statistics and research. There are now stronger connections between chapters, new boxes outlining the theoretical perspectives discussed in each chapter, and the social inequality chapter will be updated to show how inequality impacts choices students often understand as being fully agentic.

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Sociology in Action 4th Edition cover photo


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Table of Contents for Sociology in Action 4th Edition

  • Front Matter
  • Part 1: Practising Sociology: Your Sociological Toolkit
  • Part 2: Society and the Self: The Foundations
  • Part 3: The Micro and Macro of Our Everyday Lives
  • Part 4: Our Changing World
  • Back Matter
  • Additional Chapter
  • Test Bank