Sarah L. DeWard

#Gender is an interactive textbook that provides up-to-date information about today’s gender-related hot-button topics. Students will learn practical ways in which gender informs our individual lives and societal structures. In addition, readers are provided talking points to help them become conversational in present day issues around gender and sexuality. The text includes embedded videos, such as TED Talks, media clips, and commercial examples to further illustrate concepts. To assess understanding, interactive tools such as multiple-choice questions, click-on-picture responses, and reflection-based discussions are embedded throughout each chapter. Chapter topics include toxic masculinity, sexual assault and #metoo, gender pay gap, reproductive rights, intimate partner violence, and politics. The textbook begins with an introduction outlining terminology and ends with a conclusion discussing social change and feminism. Because gender is an ever-changing topic, most textbooks on this concept are immediately out-of-date. However, because of the online format of the #Gender text, updates by the author are made in real-time so readers have access to the most cutting-edge information. Ancillaries available to instructors by request.

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