Introduction to Psychology

Meaghan Altman

Top Hat Intro Course - Introduction to Psychology presents the material such as methods, memory and states of consciousness in an engaging way. As a result, students will be able to understand and synthesize the content better. This book is written with the principles that underlie learning and memory - the goal is to provide an exciting experience for students to help them retain information in the long term.

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Table of Contents for Introduction to Psychology

  • Module 1: What is Psychology?
  • Module 2: Methods
  • Module 3: Biology & Neuroscience
  • Module 4: Development
  • Module 5: Sensation & Perception
  • Module 6: States of Consciousness
  • Module 7: Learning
  • Module 8: Memory
  • Module 9: Language & Thought
  • Module 10: Intelligence
  • Module 11: Motivation & Emotion
  • Module 12: Personality
  • Module 13: Social Psychology
  • Module 14: Psychological Disorders

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Key features

  • 3D anatomical models of complex human anatomy support students in learning sensation perception and more
  • Simulations illustrate different psychological phenomena
  • 800+ interspersed questions are designed to support memory

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