Human Sexuality in a Diverse Society

Nicole K. McNichols, Matthew Numer

Human Sexuality in a Diverse Society delivers a modern, comprehensive, and research-based exploration of human sexuality in our diverse world. Taking a sex-positive approach and featuring the most up-to-date coverage of news stories, legislation, and published data, this title engages students to think critically and understand diverse perspectives different from their own. Each topic is further enriched with interactive graphics, in-text critical thinking discussions, and podcast interviews to stimulate students’ interest as they explore contemporary issues in human sexuality.

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Human Sexuality in a Diverse Society cover photo


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Table of Contents for Human Sexuality in a Diverse Society

  • Preliminaries
  • Module 1: Introduction to Human Sexuality
  • Module 2: Theoretical Approaches to Sexuality
  • Module 3: Sex Research
  • Module 4: Female Sexual Anatomy
  • Module 5: Male Sexual Anatomy
  • Module 6: Sex and Gender
  • Module 7: Sexual Orientation
  • Module 8: Sexual Arousal, Attraction, and Response
  • Module 9: Sexual Behavior
  • Module 10: Sexual Relationships
  • Module 11: Fertility
  • Module 12: Pregnancy and Childbirth
  • Module 13: Contraception and Abortion

Key features

  • Critical Thinking Activities allow students opportunities to develop and practice critical analysis skills, and provide an efficient way for instructors to measure progress
  • Frequently updated content with relevant, timely examples, like recent elections, that students can relate to, and instructors can easily customize
  • Students interact with data, watch videos, and respond to critical analysis activities to deepen their understanding