Canadian Politics: Critical Approaches, 9th Edition

Rand Dyck, Christopher Cochrane, Kelly Blidook

Previously published by Nelson. For more than 30 years, Canadian Politics: Critical Approaches has presented the reality of Canadian government and politics in a comprehensive yet lean and readable manner. It provides the tools and foundational knowledge to help students become better informed, more involved, and more critical citizens. Students will be deeply engaged in the clash of interests from which Canadian political activity has stemmed and will be equally fascinated by topics related to political culture, the mass media, public opinion, elections, and advocacy groups that will introduce them to the vibrant and dynamic world of Canadian politics. Change in recent years both from within Canada and outside its borders challenges some of the foundational assumptions of modern liberal democracy. The new ninth edition emphasizes two themes: the relative stability of Canada’s political institutions in the face of rapidly changing social, economic, and international environments, and the political decisions that are necessary to guarantee the perseverance of Canada’s values, country, and system of government.

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Table of Contents for Canadian Politics: Critical Approaches, 9th Edition

  • Front Matter
  • Chapter 1: Approaching the Study of Politics
  • Chapter 2: Institutional Foundations and the Evolution of the State
  • Chapter 3: Regionalism
  • Chapter 4: Indigenous Peoples
  • Chapter 5: French Canada and the Quebec Question
  • Chapter 6: Immigration and Diversity
  • Chapter 7: Gender
  • Chapter 8: Political Economy
  • Chapter 9: Canada’s External Environment: The United States and the World
  • Chapter 10: The Canadian Political Culture
  • Chapter 11: Political Socialization, the Mass Media, and Public Opinion Polls
  • Chapter 12: Elections and the Electoral System
  • Chapter 13: Political Parties and the Party System