Ethics and Law for Teachers, 2nd Edition

Kenneth Crook, Derek Truscott

Nelson - The practice of teaching in Canada is regulated both by law and professional codes of ethics and conduct. Ethics and Law for Teachers, Second Edition, engages readers in an authentic, personal consideration of the professional expectations and benefits of reflective practices of teaching in Canada. Not only does the text delve into the objective, rational standards to which teachers are held accountable, it helps to translate conscious knowledge of those standards into belief and action. To encourage reflection on and engagement in ethical and lawful practice, the text includes case studies and examples from teachers in the field, discipline hearings, and court cases. To encourage readers to consider these examples in a more reflective manner, ethical and legal expectations are presented in a descriptive, rather than prescriptive manner. The text invites readers to consider how they would act in each situation and compare their personal predispositions with society’s expectations, providing for a more inclusive and flexible understanding of how ethics are enacted in real life.

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Ethics and Law for Teachers, 2nd Edition cover photo


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Table of Contents for Ethics and Law for Teachers, 2nd Edition

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