The Art of Being Human

Michael Wesch

“Anthropology requires strength, valor, and courage,” Nancy Scheper-Hughes noted. Real anthropology cannot be contained in a book. You have to go out and feel the world’s jagged edges, wipe its dust from your brow, and at times, leave your blood in its soil. Here, the 10 Big Lessons of Anthropology are put into practice in 10 Challenges that help us live our way into the art of being human.

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Table of Contents for The Art of Being Human

  • The Art of Being Human
  • Introduction
  • Lesson 1: Fieldwork
  • Lesson 2: Culture
  • Lesson 3: Evolution
  • Lesson 4: Language
  • Lesson 5: Infrastructure
  • Lesson 6: Social Structure
  • Lesson 7: Superstructure
  • Lesson 8: Globalization
  • Lesson 9: "The Good Life"
  • Lesson 10: The Art of Being Human