Introduction to Biological Anthropology Lab Manual

Melissa A. Clark, Emma M. Lagan, Mackie C. O'Hara, Mark Hubbe, Douglas E. Crews

This inquiry-driven manual guides students through twelve laboratory exercises as they answer authentic questions about human biology, evolution, genetics, and diversity by measuring and exploring data, videos, dynamic scenes and figures. These exercises are designed to activate cognitive, affective, and sensory domains of learning while facilitating knowledge acquisition, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Each exercise is formatted as a scientific study and includes an introduction, data & analysis, discussion, and conclusion section. Low-stakes questions in the Data & Analysis sections scaffold student progress and lead to a series of short-answer and extended response questions in the Discussion and Conclusion. Complete with printable resources and updated every semester, it is the perfect companion for in-person, online, and hybrid courses (and instructors can switch between delivery methods mid-semester!) Developed at Ohio State University, more than 1000 students have now used and approved this manual. For questions, email

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Table of Contents for Introduction to Biological Anthropology Lab Manual

  • Front Matter
  • Lab 1
  • Lab 2
  • Lab 3
  • Lab 4
  • Lab 5
  • Lab 6
  • Lab 7
  • Lab 8
  • Lab 9
  • Lab 10
  • Lab 11
  • Lab 12
  • Instructor resources and Answers