Dental Office Administration, 1st Edition

Sandie Baillargeon

Nelson - This book has been designed to guide new and/or existing Dental Office Administrators through many of the complex issues that they will face, such as the changes in privacy laws, insurance adjudication, personnel performance issues, client relations, marketing and advertising and many other valuable topics. One change that will be consistent throughout the book is that the word patient is replaced with client to reflect a mutual relationship between the health care provider and the dental clients, who are informed consumers and active participants in their own wellness.Each chapter begins with a behavioural objective and lists the topics to be addressed in the chapter. The book has been structured into three main sections.The beginning chapters cover the duties and responsibilities of the Dental Office Administrator, including communication skills, verbal and written, as well as the psychological aspects of what motivates client behaviour.The second section provides a basis of clinical theory in order to understand, interpret and translate the language of dentistry into terms that are understandable to the dental client. The Dental Office Administrator is the liaison between the doctor and the client, and as such, often must interpret highly technical information into understandable terms for the client.The latter chapters include practical office management skills, policies and procedures that can be easily implemented into any dental clinic. These chapters will also address the changes in insurance adjudication in Canada as well as privacy laws and how they affect client care.This text has been designed to become a desktop reference for you to refer to even when your course of study has been completed. Each chapter stands on its own so you can explore topics as they come to mind.

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Table of Contents for Dental Office Administration, 1st Edition

  • Front Matter
  • Chapter 1: The Role of the Dental Office Administrator
  • Chapter 2: Client Communications
  • Chapter 3: Written Communications—The Write Stuff
  • Chapter 4: Lingual Lingo: Translating Dental Terms to Common Language
  • Chapter 5: Oral Structures and Facial Anatomy
  • Chapter 6: Tooth Identification and Numbering Systems
  • Chapter 7: Preventive Dentistry and Oral Pathology
  • Chapter 8: Dental Pharmacology
  • Chapter 9: Understanding The Dental Client Record
  • Chapter 10: Records Management
  • Chapter 11: Protecting The Privacy Of Dental Clients
  • Chapter 12: Dental Insurance
  • Chapter 13: Effective Appointment Scheduling