Cat Dissection: A Supplemental Guide

Kerrie Hoar

This full-color dissection guide is the perfect companion to any human anatomy laboratory manual. Step-by-step instructions for each body system are easy to follow and suited for students with varying levels of dissection experience. Lists and concise descriptions of anatomical structures make this guide succinct and easy to read with muscle and nerve tables that provide at-a-glance information. The full-color photographs and accompanying color illustrations are clearly labeled and provide in-depth visual aids for reference during dissection and review. Comparisons between cat anatomy and human anatomy, along with student review questions, provide a complete lesson in anatomy.

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Cat Dissection: A Supplemental Guide cover photo

Table of Contents for Cat Dissection: A Supplemental Guide

  • Front Matter
  • Exercise 1: Introduction and the Integumentary System
  • Exercise 2: The Muscular System
  • Exercise 3: The Nervous System
  • Exercise 4: The Respiratory System
  • Exercise 5: The Digestive System
  • Exercise 6: The Cardiovascular System
  • Exercise 7: The Urinary System
  • Exercise 8: The Reproductive System

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