Extension Gardener Handbook

Lucy Bradley and Kathleen Moore, Editors

This national award winning book was developed especially for Master Gardener Volunteers and can also be used by botanical gardens, community colleges, home schools, high schools, home gardeners and more. It is a primary source for research-based information on gardening and landscaping. A fundamental reference for any seasoned gardener the Extension Gardener Handbook is also valuable to beginners just getting their hands dirty. It explains the "why and how" basics of gardening from soils and composting to vegetable gardening and wildlife management. Information on garden design, preparation and maintenance covers all types of plantings including lawns, ornamentals, fruits, trees, and containers. This handbook provides color images, detailed graphics, diagnostic tables, case studies, frequently asked questions and specific management strategies for insects, diseases, weeds and other pests. It includes a roll over glossary with quick definitions while you are reading. Botanical names are linked to a plant database with audio pronunciation of the name, images, and descriptions. It contains integrated check your knowledge questions and videos as well as creative commons licensed images. Written by a team of horticultural experts, it contains a wealth of information to support you in creating and managing thriving gardens, lawns, and landscapes. The Extension Gardener Handbook is an essential book for serious gardeners. Instructor resources include reader's guides, homework, quizzes, and exams as well as slide presentations and interactive activities. Instructors can edit the entire book to meet their local climate, soils and plants.

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Extension Gardener Handbook cover photo

Table of Contents for Extension Gardener Handbook

  • Extension Gardener Handbook
  • CH 1: Soils & Plant Nutrients
  • CH 2: Composting
  • CH 3: Botany
  • CH 4: Insects
  • CH 5: Diseases and Disorders
  • CH 6: Weeds
  • CH 7: Diagnostics
  • CH 8: Integrated Pest Management− IPM
  • CH 9: Lawns
  • CH 10: Herbaceous Ornamentals
  • CH 11: Woody Ornamentals
  • CH 12: Native Plants
  • CH 13: Propagation

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