Ecology: A Canadian Context, 2nd Edition

Bill Freedman, Darryl Gwynne, John P. Smol, Roger Suffling, Roy Turkington, Richard Walker, Jeff Hutchings, Dawn Bazely

Ecology: A Canadian Context presents the fundamentals of ecology within a Canadian context while integrating evolution and the concept of sustainability wherever it is relevant. In addition to covering the core concepts of ecology, this title profiles the extensive ecological research being conducted in Canada.

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Ecology: A Canadian Context, 2nd Edition cover photo


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Table of Contents for Ecology: A Canadian Context, 2nd Edition

  • Front Matter
  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Ecology
  • Chapter 2: Environmental Influences
  • Chapter 3: Ecological Energetics
  • Chapter 4: Nutrients And Their Cycling
  • Chapter 5: Population Ecology
  • Chapter 6: Behavioural Ecology
  • Chapter 7: Physiological Ecology
  • Chapter 8: Life Histories
  • Chapter 9: Community Ecology
  • Chapter 10: Disturbance and Succession
  • Chapter 11: Biomes and Ecozones
  • Chapter 12: Biodiversity
  • Chapter 13: Landscape Ecology