Organic Chemistry I & II

Steven Forsey

This textbook is designed for Chemistry instructors who want an active, dynamic, and understandable approach to support their own efforts in the classroom. The conversational, relatable tone makes learning the difficult and abstract material easier for students, while “Keeping it Real” sections connect concepts to real-world applications. Plus, this ever-evolving textbook includes auto-graded questions, videos and 3D animations to provide students with a more visual understanding of abstract concepts.

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Organic Chemistry I & II cover photo

Table of Contents for Organic Chemistry I & II

  • Module 1: Structure & Bonding
  • Module 2: Nomenclature
  • Module 3: Chemical Reactivity and Mechanisms
  • Module 4: Acids and Bases
  • Module 5: Conformations of Acyclic Alkanes and Cyclohexanes
  • Module 6: Stereochemistry
  • Module 7: Substitution Reactions (SN2 and SN1)
  • Module 8: Elimination Reactions
  • Module 9: Substitution–Elimination: Discerning the Differences
  • Module 10: Alkenes
  • Module 11: Alkynes
  • Module 12: Alcohols and Thiols
  • Module 13: Ethers, Oxiranes and Sulfides
  • Module 14: Infra-red Spectroscopy and Mass Spectrometry

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Key features

  • 3D molecular models help students understand and conceptualize chemical reactions
  • Embedded problem-solving videos show the entire reaction mechanism, making it easy for students to comprehend large scale reactions
  • "Keeping it real" sections produced by renowned UCLA educator Dr. Neil Garg help students connect concepts to the wider world, including potential career paths