Culinary Chemistry

Meghan Knapp

Engage your non-science major chemistry students with applications they can sink their teeth into. This chemistry book is framed around food, cooking, and eating.

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Culinary Chemistry cover photo

Table of Contents for Culinary Chemistry

  • Culinary Chemistry
  • CH 1 Chemicals and Food
  • CH 2 Food Molecules
  • CH 3 Accounting for Taste
  • IC 3 Flavor
  • CH 4 Acids and Bases
  • Ch5 Food Reactions
  • CH 6 If You Can't Stand the Heat
  • Ch7 Oxidation in Food
  • Ch8 Lipids: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  • CH 9 Proteins
  • Ch10 Variety is the Spice of Life-- Micronutrients and spices
  • Ch11 A Grain of Truth, a synthesis chapter
  • Ch12 Milk it for all it's worth a synthesis chapter

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