Preparation for College Chemistry

Todd M. Johnson, J. Andreas Lippert

We wrote this textbook for students with little to no background in chemistry and for those who have been away from chemistry long enough to have forgotten basic chemical concepts. Many textbooks for preparatory chemistry are simplified versions of general chemistry texts—they essentially cover all topics found in a general chemistry book at the sacrifice of subject depth. Our belief is that students need an extensive understanding of a few core topics rather than the cursory knowledge of many. Preparation for College Chemistry is not a watered-down version of a general chemistry text. Our book is designed to teach students the core topics of chemistry and help them gain the skills and the confidence they will need to master additional and more advanced concepts in a subsequent general college chemistry course. This text presents core concepts in a logical and systematic manner using a short-paragraph style. Students are engaged in nearly one thousand interactive questions. In addition to written step-by-step instructions for solving example problems, we have included 88 brief video lectures. As such, our text prepares college and motivated high school students in either a classroom or an online environment to master the essentials of general chemistry.

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Preparation for College Chemistry cover photo

Table of Contents for Preparation for College Chemistry

  • Chapter 1 - Introduction to Chemistry
  • Chapter 2 - Measurements and Numbers
  • Chapter 3 - Units and Dimensional Analysis
  • Chapter 4 - The Atom and Subatomic Structure
  • Chapter 5 - Periodic Table and Electron Configurations
  • Chapter 6 - Valence Electrons and Ionic Bonds
  • Chapter 7 - Molecular Compounds, Structure, Shape and Name
  • Chapter 8 - The Mole Concept and Chemical Calculations
  • Chapter 9 - Physical States of Matter
  • Chapter 10 - Chemical Equations and Calculations
  • Chapter 11 - Types of Chemical Equations, Energy, and Chemical Equilibrium
  • Chapter 12 - Solutions
  • Chapter 13 - Acids, Bases, and Salts

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