Exploring Biology in the Laboratory, 3e

Murray P. Pendarvis, John L. Crawley

Morton Publishing - This full-color, comprehensive, affordable introductory biology manual is appropriate for both majors and nonmajors laboratory courses. All general biology topics are covered extensively, and the manual is designed to be used with a minimum of outside reference material. The activities emphasize the unity of all living things and the evolutionary forces that have resulted in, and continue to act on, the diversity that we see around us today.

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Exploring Biology in the Laboratory, 3e cover photo

Table of Contents for Exploring Biology in the Laboratory, 3e

  • Front Matter
  • Chapter 1: The Starting Point: Understanding the Scientific Method
  • Chapter 2: For Good Measure: Understanding Scientific Notation and the Metric System
  • Chapter 3: The Invisible World: Understanding Microscopy
  • Chapter 4: Back to Basics: Understanding Acids, Bases, and pH
  • Chapter 5: The Composition of Living Things: Understanding Organic Molecules
  • Chapter 6: The Building Blocks of Life: Understanding Cell Structure and Function
  • Chapter 7: Catalysts for Change: Understanding Enzymes
  • Chapter 8: Just Passing Through: Understanding Diffusion and Osmosis
  • Chapter 9: From Light to Energy: Understanding Photosynthesis
  • Chapter 10: Breaking Bonds: Understanding Cellular Respiration
  • Chapter 11: Out of One, Many: Understanding Cell Division
  • Chapter 12: That’s Just the Half of It: Understanding Meiosis
  • Chapter 13: It’s All in the Genes: Understanding Basic Mendelian Genetics

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