BSC 2010L Lab Manual

Geoffrey J. Brown, MS.

As its title implies, this student lab manual covers a series of time-tested exercises and experiments designed to give the student an opportunity to learn concepts through hands-on activities. This manual was developed for a laboratory course which complements cellular and molecular concepts covered in the companion lecture, such as: transpiration of plants, diffusion and osmosis, enzyme catalysis, isolation of genomic and bacterial DNA, restriction enzyme digestion of DNA, gel electrophoresis, analysis of the Polymer Chain Reaction, and the ABO gene. Students will practice developing laboratory skills using lab equipment to measure and collect biological data, practice scientific method using biostatistics, as well as tools and techniques to visualize, quantify, and analyze biological systems. This course incorporates beginning competencies of using computers and the internet to learn and conduct research online. Students who successfully complete this course will begin to feel at home with an array of procedures in a bioscience laboratory setting.

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Table of Contents for BSC 2010L Lab Manual

  • Student Resources
  • Intro to BSC 2010L
  • Lab 1: Introductory Skills Session
  • Lab 2-1: Biological Variability
  • Lab 2-2: Biological Variability
  • Lab 3: Transpiration of Plants
  • Lab 4: Diffusion and Osmosis
  • Lab 5: Enzyme Catalysis
  • Lab 6-1: Molecular Biology
  • Lab 6-2: Molecular Biology
  • Lab 6-3: Molecular Biology
  • Lab 6-4: Molecular Biology
  • Lab 7-1: Advanced Techniques in Molecular Biology
  • Lab 7-2: Advanced Techniques in Molecular Biology