A Photographic Atlas of Histology, 2e

Michael J. Leboffe

This full-color photographic atlas is designed as a visual reference to accompany an undergraduate histology or human anatomy course. Hundreds of labeled photomicrographs give students a detailed look at the tissues of the human body.

A Photographic Atlas of Histology, 2e cover photo

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A Photographic Atlas of Histology, 2e cover photo


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Table of Contents for A Photographic Atlas of Histology, 2e

  • Front Matter
  • Ch 01: Introduction
  • Ch 02: The Cell
  • Ch 03: Epithelial Tissues
  • Ch 04: Fibrous Connective Tissue
  • Ch 05: Cartilage and Bone
  • Ch 06: Blood and Bone Marrow
  • Ch 07: Muscle Tissue
  • Ch 08: Nervous Tissue and Organs of the Nervous System
  • Ch 09: Special Sensory Organs
  • Ch10: Endocrine System
  • Ch 11: Integumentary System
  • Ch 12: Cardiovascular System
  • Ch 13: Lymphatic System

Key features

  • This atlas contains more than 550 high-quality photomicrographs of human tissues and organs.
  • The photomicrographs presented in this atlas were prepared from slides that are readily available from large biological supply companies to match as closely as possible what your students will see in the laboratory.
  • Photomicrographs, illustrations, and diagrams are used throughout to clarify histological concepts.