Anatomy and Physiology in Context

John Redden, Joseph Crivello

Top Hat’s Anatomy & Physiology in Context, now our best-selling title used by thousands of students across the country, is a student-centric, learning-focused, interactive text designed for student engagement and understanding. Anatomy & Physiology in Context extends beyond the page, with embedded virtual 3D models of anatomical structures and disease simulations. Challenging concepts are contextualized with videos breaking down challenging physiological processes, interactive diagrams, high resolution illustrations, pop-up definitions, and real-world clinical case studies. The conversational writing style keeps students actively engaged while learning challenging material. Each chapter contains the frequent use of metaphors, mnemonics, and real-life examples, making it easier for students to comprehend the complex concepts that are covered. This, along with the interactive elements interspersed throughout each chapter, help students to break up and master the large volume of information they have to learn. Focus On Disease, In the Clinic, and Thought Question sections help students focus on conceptual mastery of each chapter’s learning objectives. In this revision, Anatomy & Physiology in Context reflects the latest developments in the field and concepts most relevant to students and their future careers. Additional resources for students include end-of-chapter practice questions, concept integration questions emphasizing systems physiology, and focused study guides. Instructors will benefit from the included slide decks with pre-written classroom response questions, active learning toolkits for use in class, test bank questions, and a dedicated authoring team providing continuous content and feature updates (opt-in).

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Anatomy and Physiology in Context cover photo

Table of Contents for Anatomy and Physiology in Context

  • About this Course
  • Module 1: Introduction and Organizing Principles
  • Module 2: Cell Structure and Function
  • Module 3: Histology
  • Module 4: Integumentary System
  • Module 5: Bones and the Axial Skeleton
  • Module 6: Appendicular Skeleton
  • Module 7: Articulations
  • Module 8: Excitable Cells
  • Module 9: Skeletal and Smooth Muscle
  • Module 10: Muscle Mechanics
  • Module 11: Central Nervous System
  • Module 12: General Sensation
  • Module 13: Specialized Senses

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Key features

  • Interactive 3D Models help students visualize the the structures and tissues of the human body
  • "Focus on Disease" and "In the Clinic" call out sections give students an introduction to the pathology that can occur in various body systems, and indicates the relevance of the content to medical professions
  • Questions, artwork and videos are embedded throughout each chapter to keep students engaged and reading

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