A Reader’s Guide to Writing

Lash Keith Vance, Ninetta Papadomichelaki

Other publishers haven’t cracked the code for successful delivery of composition content in a learning platform. Composition faculty need a student- and faculty-friendly product that meets students where they are and saves instructors critical time and effort in both designing their courses and assessing their students. A Reader’s Guide to Writing advances the English course by offering a dynamic, all-in-one solution that is exceedingly affordable and rich with student feedback. Authors Lash Keith Vance and Ninetta Papadomichelaki have curated a course with instruction on how to be a critical reader and how to transfer those skills into their writing assignments. Each section includes auto-graded assessments that ask students to engage with each reading, and all questions include student facing explanations that help them understand the correct answers--leading to a reduced overall grading burden. Complete with a table of contents broken down by reading level, faculty are assured that they are meeting their students’ prior knowledge with opportunities for growth. Since the text’s integrated resources are designed for students to engage with them before, during, and after class, A Reader’s Guide to Writing may be used in large lecture format classes and self-graded lab modules.

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A Reader’s Guide to Writing cover photo

Table of Contents for A Reader’s Guide to Writing

  • Tables of Contents
  • Reading Purpose
  • Reading Stages
  • Argument Fundamentals
  • Writing Strategies
  • Rhetorical Strategies
  • Anthology: Ethics & Philosophy
  • Anthology: Society & Public Discourse
  • Anthology: Culture & Identity
  • Anthology: Education & Opportunity
  • Anthology: Science & Technology
  • Instructor Materials

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