Composing a College Career

Jeffrey Klausman

Composing a College Career speaks to first-year students as they are: intelligent, capable humans with the knowledge and skills to make the most of their higher education. Rather than telling students they must follow the “correct” way to learn or study, this text walks them through different concepts and approaches using the lens of relatable experiences, letting each student decide which strategies work best for them. Designed to support the First-Year Experience course, the concise chapter format of Composing a College Career is structured to leverage the way students read, gather, and apply information. Interactive content, informal (yet frequent) assessments, and active learning strategies encourage students to dive deeper into topics and, ultimately, ask themselves what an “effective” education will look like for them.

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Composing a College Career cover photo

Table of Contents for Composing a College Career

  • About this Course
  • Part I: Composing College Careers
  • Part II: Composing a College Mindset
  • Part III: Composing College Strategies
  • Instructor Manual

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