Finance for Non-Financial Managers, 7th Edition

Pierre Bergeron

This ground breaking text continues to guide managers, executives, and business students with little experience in the field of finance. Finance for Non-Financial Managers, Seventh Edition, offers a practical introduction to financial decision making for students with no previous exposure to accounting or finance principles or for those that want to broaden their understanding of financial analysis or upgrade old skills in the field of financial management and accounting. This seventh edition improves the clarity and conciseness of many finance techniques and the relationship between the various concepts covered in the book, enabling students to master the language and concepts of finance and accounting to assist them in future careers as managers or entrepreneurs. It also incorporates International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) as GAAP closes out in Canada.

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Finance for Non-Financial Managers, 7th Edition cover photo


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Table of Contents for Finance for Non-Financial Managers, 7th Edition

  • Front Matter
  • Chapter 1: Overview of Financial Management
  • Chapter 2: Accounting and Financial Statements
  • Chapter 3: Statement of Cash Flows
  • Chapter 4: Financial Statement Analysis
  • Chapter 5: Profit Planning and Decision Making
  • Chapter 6: Working Capital Management
  • Chapter 7: Planning, Budgeting, and Controlling
  • Chapter 8: Sources and Forms of Financing
  • Chapter 9: Cost of Capital, Capital Structure, and Financial Markets
  • Chapter 10: Time-Value-of-Money Concept
  • Chapter 11: Capital Budgeting
  • Chapter 12: Business Valuation
  • Excel Spreadsheets