Principles of Economics

Stephen Buckles

Principles of Economics prepares students for their education—and future career—by helping them start to think like an economist. This text harnesses the power of active learning with a wide range of questions and activities that guide students to think through core economic concepts. Interactive tools and assessments allow students to learn from real-world examples, empowering them to understand how economic concepts work in day-to-day life.

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Table of Contents for Principles of Economics

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: An Introduction to Economic Analysis
  • Chapter 2: An Economic Model
  • Chapter 3: The U.S. and the World Economy
  • Chapter 4: Demand, Supply, and Markets
  • Chapter 5: Using Supply and Demand
  • Chapter 6: Behind Demand
  • Chapter 7: Behind Supply
  • Chapter 8: Inputs, Production, and Costs in the Long Run
  • Chapter 9: Competitive Markets
  • Chapter 10: Monopoly
  • Chapter 11: Between Perfect Competition and Monopoly
  • Chapter 12: Regulation of Firms with Market Power
  • Chapter 13: The Economic Role of Government

Key features

  • Interactive graphing tools and discussion questions help students analyze and apply their learnings
  • Real-world news clips and articles provide relevant context for tricky concepts
  • Robust Math program with options for basic refreshers or in-depth coverage to suit a variety of needs