Proviamo insieme! Intermediate Italian

Andrea Privitera, Enrica Aurora Cominetti

The eTextbook Proviamo Insieme! Intermediate Italian adopts a blended approach in that it combines deductive and inductive pedagogical practices. Instances of the deductive teaching style include, for example, grammatical explanations of the target language structure and rules, and translations followed by pattern-drill exercises. On the other hand, the inductive method aims at presenting grammar elements in context (in an audio, text or video), thus enabling learners to discover syntactical rules themselves by analyzing the examples provided. In this book's chapters you will find instances of both approaches. We will present you with Italian dialogues, their related audio recordings, and Italian songs and videos, which display different usages of various grammatical elements, complemented by theoretical explanations of the grammar rules concerned. You will also be required to apply the newly-acquired concepts by completing interactive activities.

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Proviamo insieme! Intermediate Italian cover photo


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Table of Contents for Proviamo insieme! Intermediate Italian

  • Capitolo 0: Ripasso
  • Capitolo 1: Il condizionale presente e passato
  • Capitolo 2: Costruzioni impersonali – Verbi pronominali
  • Capitolo 3: Il congiuntivo presente
  • Capitolo 4: Il gerundio – I tempi progressivi
  • Capitolo 5: Il congiuntivo passato
  • Capitolo 6: Il discorso indiretto – Il congiuntivo imperfetto
  • Capitolo 7: Congiuntivo e congiunzioni – Congiuntivo o infinito?
  • Capitolo 8: Il congiuntivo trapassato – Congiuntivo e concordanze
  • Capitolo 9: Il periodo ipotetico