Tony Erben, Silvina Iglesias

Explorando delivers Spanish content in a way that is iterative and highly interactive through what the authors call a ‘QUEST framework’. Through the QUEST framework, students learn Spanish in such a way that allows them to make meaningful connections between the words/phrases they are learning within the text and relevant characters/occurrences in their lives. The text will enable instructors to adapt content and it will give both students and instructors choice of what content and what technologies to use.

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Table of Contents for Explorando

  • Módulo 1
  • Módulo 2
  • Módulo 3
  • Módulo 4
  • Módulo 5
  • Módulo 6
  • Módulo 7
  • Módulo 8
  • Módulo 9
  • Módulo 10
  • Módulo 11
  • Módulo 12
  • Módulo 13
  • Módulo 14

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