Beginner's Russian Workbook

Tatiana Maslova, Alyona Yazykova

Beginner’s Russian Workbook is a collection of interactive exercises for Russian learners at ACTFL Novice Proficiency. The workbook is specifically tailored to supplement UCLA's Beginner's Russian textbook by Kudyma, Miller, and Kagan. The workbook consists of six parts covering the 24 chapters of the text mentioned above. Part seven of the workbook contains multiple exercises for review and test preparation. YouTube videos accompany the lessons providing explanations and practice. The flexible workbook design allows the instructor to easily modify and adapt the workbook to meet students' specific needs. While tailored to be a flexible supplement to the Beginner's Russian textbook series, the workbook is user-friendly and also composed to be used independently of any textbook

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Beginner's Russian Workbook cover photo


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Table of Contents for Beginner's Russian Workbook

  • ЧАСТЬ 1 (Главы 1-4)
  • ЧАСТЬ 2 (Главы 5-8)
  • ЧАСТЬ 3 (Главы 9-12)
  • ЧАСТЬ 4 (Главы 13-15)
  • ЧАСТЬ 5 (Главы 16-19)
  • ЧАСТЬ 6 (Главы 20-24)