United States History II

Sara Eskridge

United States History features an interactive timeline, live learning feedback, embedded video automatic grading, customizability, from Civil War-Present Day.

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United States History II cover photo

Table of Contents for United States History II

  • Module 15: The Civil War
  • Module 16: Reconstruction
  • Module 17: The New South and West
  • Module 18: The Industrial Revolution and the Growth of Organized Labor, 1870-1900
  • Module 19: Immigration and Imperialism
  • Module 20: Populists and Progressives
  • Module 21: World War I
  • Module 22: Return to Normalcy
  • Module 23: The Great Depression
  • Module 24: World War II
  • Module 25: Cold War America
  • Module 26: Civil Rights Movement and the Era of Social Change
  • Module 27: The Vietnam War
  • Module 28: Nixon, the New Conservatism, and the 1970s

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