United States History I & II

Sara Eskridge

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United States History I & II cover photo

Table of Contents for United States History I & II

  • United States History I & II
  • CH01: The First Civilizations
  • CH02: Cultural Collision
  • CH03: British Forays into Colonization
  • CH04: Colonial Life, 1650-1760
  • CH05: Road to War
  • CH06: American Revolution
  • CH07: Uncertain Experiments: The Struggle for Democratic Stability, 1777-1789
  • CH08: The Federalist Era, 1789-1800
  • CH09: The Early Republic, 1789-1800
  • CH10: The Market Revolution, 1815-1835
  • CH11: Growing Democracy, 1820-1840
  • CH12: The Antebellum South
  • CH13: Politics of Westward Expansion

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