Reading, Writing, and ...Blogs?

Jo Anne Harris

Worldwide, over 4 million blog posts are published each day, but many educators are still on the fence about the role of blogs and social media in the classroom. While some embrace blog writing as an active learning format to engage students, others are still scrambling to understand how digital media technologies fit into the curriculum. Starting with that premise, the purpose of this textbook is to provide students an overview of the history and evolution of blogs and the ways blog writing can enhance writing across the disciplines.

Reading, Writing, and ...Blogs? cover photo

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Reading, Writing, and ...Blogs? cover photo

Table of Contents for Reading, Writing, and ...Blogs?

  • 2.0 The Blogosphere
  • 3.0 - Getting Started
  • 4.0 - Finding Your Writer's Voice
  • 5.0 - Beyond Blogs
  • 6.0 Bibliography

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