The Speaker's Primer, 3e National Edition

Joseph M. Valenzano III, Melissa Broeckelman-Post, Stephen W. Braden

The Speaker's Primer is a concise, practical guide to crafting and delivering individual and group presentations in a variety of academic, professional, and personal situations—in both face-to-face and digital environments. The text provides focus on the ethical dimensions of public speaking, including the importance of listening as an audience member as well as full chapters devoted to civility in communication, culture and diversity, and speaking in career settings, including business, health care, education, politics, and the STEM fields. Career tips are reinforced throughout the text in skill-specific contexts.The Speaker’s Primer takes care to fully engage speaking with technology, with new content that supports speakers when adapting presentations for virtual delivery, illuminating challenges and offering clear tips and guidelines to ensure success.

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The Speaker's Primer, 3e National Edition cover photo

Table of Contents for The Speaker's Primer, 3e National Edition

  • Chapter 1: Understanding Public Communication
  • Chapter 2: Speech Anxiety
  • Chapter 3: Speaking and Ethics
  • Chapter 4: Civility
  • Chapter 5: Speaking in Your Career
  • Chapter 6: Culture and Diversity
  • Chapter 7: Topic Selection
  • Chapter 8: Research and Preparation
  • Chapter 9: Audience Analysis
  • Chapter 10: Supporting Materials
  • Chapter 11: Context and the Speech Situation
  • Chapter 12: Outlining
  • Chapter 13: Introductions, Conclusions, and Connective Statements
  • Chapter 14: Reasoning

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