Signs: A Grammar Handbook 2e

Allison D. Smith, Sarah B. Gray

Featuring a new section on writing contexts, processes, and rhetorical argumentation, the second edition of Signs goes above and beyond the average grammar handbook. Using tips, exercises, and notes for multilingual writers, the handbook gives students helpful signposts on their journey toward effective language use. New to the second edition is a full section on composing an essay, with topics including paragraphing, the writing process, research, rhetoric, and integrating sources. To compete with handbooks that feature rhetorical front matter, the new edition covers new citation styles (including Chicago, CSE and MLA 9th edition) and New Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) Opportunities to allow students to reflect in mechanical or composing moments that highlight language variety.

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Signs: A Grammar Handbook 2e cover photo


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Table of Contents for Signs: A Grammar Handbook 2e

  • Welcome to Signs!
  • Composition Fundamentals
  • Citation Styles
  • Word Level: Usage and Style
  • Sentence Level: Usage and Style
  • Mechanics and Punctuation
  • Instructor Material

Key features

  • Full section dedicated to the writing process, include rhetorical considerations, composing, paragraphing, research, and integrating sources
  • Tips, exercises, and notes for multilingual writers are embodied in the recurring feature Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CLD) Opportunities, allowing students to reflect on mechanical or composing moments to highlight language diversity
  • Citation Styles covered: Chicago, CSE, MLA 9th Edition