Engaging Communication

Cheri Simonds, Stephen Hunt, Brent Simonds

Fountainhead Press - Engaging Communication is a brief yet substantive guide to becoming a critical consumer and producer of information. With an emphasis on media- and information-literacy, Engaging Communication supports students in becoming more competent, confident, and ethical communicators through chapters focused on foundational communication principles, crafting constructing clear messages, responding and listening, and communicating persuasively.

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Table of Contents for Engaging Communication

  • Module 1: Introduction to Communication
  • Module 2: Communication Confidence
  • Module 3: Ethical Communication
  • Module 4: Perception and Self-concept
  • Module 5: Choosing Topics
  • Module 6: Analyzing Your Audience
  • Module 7: Locating And Incorporating Supporting Material
  • Module 8: Organizing Ideas
  • Module 9: Outlining the Presentation
  • Module 10: Beginning And Ending The Presentation
  • Module 11: Using Appropriate Language
  • Module 12: Designing Presentation Aids
  • Module 13: Delivering the Presentation
  • Module 14: Communicating in Groups

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