Communication Pathways, 2e National Edition

Joseph M. Valenzano, III, Melissa A. Broeckelman-Post, Erin S. Parcell

Communication Pathways introduces an innovative handbook-style approach to the hybrid course, with concise chapters that emphasize communication theory. The authors chose to organize content around a communication-centric theme: dialogue. The first section of the text dedicates an entire chapter to the subject, unpacking the concept for students; the authors further incorporate and explain dialogic communication as it applies to subsequent chapter concepts. This theme is unique to the text and is a central element of what the authors aim to accomplish: create competent, dialogic communicators who know how to advocate for ideas civilly, explain complicated subjects, and disagree without being disagreeable in a variety of interactive settings.

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Communication Pathways, 2e National Edition cover photo

Table of Contents for Communication Pathways, 2e National Edition

  • Welcome to Communication Pathways!
  • Module 1: The Basics of Communication
  • Module 2: Communication, Culture, and Diversity
  • Module 3: Perception and the Self
  • Module 4: Dialogic Communication
  • Module 5: Language
  • Module 6: Nonverbal Communication
  • Module 7: Listening
  • Module 8: Relationship Development
  • Module 9: Relationship Maintenance
  • Module 10: Communication in Intimate Relationships
  • Module 11: Mediated Relationships
  • Module 12: Interpersonal Conflict
  • Module 13: Nature of Formal Presentation

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