Checkmate 3e

Joanne Buckley

Checkmate: A Writing Reference for Canadians guides students through the writing process of composition, from brainstorming to final revision. This clear, easy-to-use guide appeals to and is written for students using examples and models from a wide range of disciplines. The third edition has been completely redesigned, placing the instructional content on the outside of the page and the examples, sample writing, models, and checklists on the inside of the page. Joanne Buckley takes a lively tone and provides a flexible approach to grammar, punctuation, style, usage, documentation, and more, all in a readable and accessible format.

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Checkmate 3e cover photo

Table of Contents for Checkmate 3e

  • Front Matter
  • Chapter 1: Composing an Essay
  • Chapter 2: Reading and Writing in an Academic Setting
  • Chapter 3: Research Papers
  • Chapter 4: Academic Integrity and Documentation Overview
  • Chapter 5: MLA Style of Documentation
  • Chapter 6: APA Style of Documentation
  • Chapter 7: Chicago Style of Documentation
  • Chapter 8: CSE Style and Columbia Online Style
  • Chapter 9: Grammar
  • Chapter 10: Common Sentence Errors
  • Chapter 11: Punctuation
  • Chapter 12: Sentence Structure and Style
  • Chapter 13: Usage

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