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Business Law, from BVT Publishing, is a comprehensive textbook with all of the content required to teach a typical Business Law or Legal Environment course. This Top Hat version contains everything you need for before, during, and after class. Students can read fully customizable chapters with built-in active learning components and formative assessment elements. Each chapter is accompanied by PowerPoint slides with built-in comprehension questions and engagement tools. After class, students can engage with pre-made, fully customizable homework assignments, plus chapter summaries for student review. There is also a comprehensive chapter-by-chapter Instructor’s Manual; pre-made customizable midterm and final exams; and extensive test banks.

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Table of Contents for Business Law, 6e

  • Module 1: Law: Importance, Purposes, and Sources
  • Module 2: Ethical Behavior, Social Responsibility, and Legal Reasoning
  • Module 3: Court Systems
  • Module 4: Litigation
  • Module 5: Alternatives for Resolving Controversies
  • Module 6: Constitutional Grounds for Regulating Business
  • Module 7: Criminal Law and Business
  • Module 8: Torts: Introduction and Intentional Torts
  • Module 9: Torts: Negligence and Strict Liability
  • Module 10: Property: Introduction, Personal Property, and Wills
  • Module 11: Property: Real Property
  • Module 12: Intellectual Property and Cyberlaw
  • Module 13: Nature of Contracts and Contract Remedies
  • Module 14: Agreement: Offer and Acceptance

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