Anatomical Latin

Todd Curtis

Anatomical Latin: A Programmed Approach to Learning the Grammar and Vocabulary of Anatomical Latin is designed to meet the specific language needs of those teaching medical terminology or human anatomy in the college classroom, as well as to provide a means for independent learners to acquire a working knowledge of anatomical Latin. No previous knowledge of anatomy or Latin is required to use this textbook. This textbook’s step-by-step sequence of teaching exercises with graded feedback enables self-education and greatly simplifies the process of learning the basics of Latin grammar. The textbook uses a systems approach (e.g. nervous system, cardiovascular system, integumentary system, etc.) to teach the vocabulary of anatomical Latin in order to help the student to recognize and recall the specific usages of Latin words. The sound files and other learning materials in this textbook are designed to promote confidence in one’s pronunciation of anatomical terms. This textbook is divided into two units. Unit I teaches the grammatical terms and concepts used in anatomical Latin. By answering questions provided at the end of each exercise, one will learn how to apply this grammar to anatomical terms. Unit II is designed to build the student’s vocabulary and reinforce the Latin grammar that was presented in Unit I. Each exercise presents a collection of Latin words and images relevant to a specific anatomical system. The questions at the end of each exercise in Unit II involve translating anatomical terms based on the vocabulary for each system. These questions will also test the student’s memory of the Latin words presented in the previous exercises. The appendix contains an extensive list of the anatomical nouns and adjectives used in the Terminologia Anatomica. These entries provide the necessary Latin grammatical information for each term, as well as the original meanings of these words in the Greco-Roman world.

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