Active Voices, 1e, Expanded Edition

Jeffrey Klausman

Fountainhead Press - Active Voices is written for today’s students, briefly presenting important concepts about functioning in the academy and particularly in the composition classroom. By articulating the specialized terminologies, processes, goals, and structures that guide a college education, students are invited into a world that can often be mysterious and frustrating. As David Bartholomae showed us years ago, students with little prior experience may end up inventing a university that does not match up with reality. Active Voices seeks to provide students the agency associated with that knowledge, preparing them to actively participate in their writing courses and beyond. And Active Voices is written for today’s instructors, who are knowledgeable and innovative in the ways they deliver their writing instruction. In this new, expanded edition, you'll find 14 new topics covered to extend your customizing options to fit any student needs.

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Fountainhead Press

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Active Voices, 1e, Expanded Edition cover photo

Table of Contents for Active Voices, 1e, Expanded Edition

  • Frontmatter
  • Engaging the Language of the Academy
  • Engaging the Language of Writing
  • Engaging Writing as a Process
  • Engaging Shapes of Writing in the Academy
  • Engaging Research in the Academy
  • Engaging Writing in the Disciplines
  • Instructor's Manual

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