With Engage 2017: The Conference for Higher Education Innovators fast approaching, we wanted to highlight a few of the speakers and talks taking place. Here, we spotlight two different breakout sessions happening on Day One. 

Size Doesn’t Matter: Making Big Classes Feel Small and Small Classes Work Better

Time: 1:45 PM—2:30PM


Brett Beston (University of Toronto, Psychology)

Stephen Buckles (Vanderbilt University, Micro and Macroeconomics)

Luke Green (St. Cloud Community College, Communications)

Hillary Wehe (Armstrong University, Psychology)


While educators with large classes struggle to make personal and impactful connections with students, smaller classes pose their own challenges for group dynamics. These educators have discovered and successfully implemented innovative in-class solutions that led to improved conversations, comprehension and happier students.

Creating Your Perfect Class with Custom Educational Content

Time: 3:00 PM—3:45PM


Sara Eskridge (Randolph-Macon College, History)

Matthew Numer (Dalhousie University, Human Sexuality)

James Ross ( East Los Angeles College, Chemistry)


Even the most tried-and-true course required specialized content. However, the standard textbook options are never flexible enough for your needs—and too expensive for students to justify buying if you’re only assigning select chapters. Hear how these educators created their own course content, or used easily-adaptable educational content, and how their solutions created the perfect flow for their classes.

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