The higher ed landscape is constantly evolving—and it can be hard to keep up. That’s why we’ve started Education on Education: a series dedicated to the top trending stories in higher ed this week. Ranging from dissatisfaction with online tuition fees to original engagement techniques, we’ll highlight the essential educational topics you’ll want to read up on.

1. To spark discussion in a Zoom class, try a ‘silent meeting:’ The Chronicle of Higher Education

Silent meetings might just be higher ed’s newest engagement strategy. Instructors devote the first part of a Zoom class to quiet reading time. Students then complete a document with discussion questions posed. This strategy lets students develop focused responses to their peers’ comments. Engaging students in online assessments can be even more of a challenge, where empathy, flexibility and collaboration go a long way. Learn more about this engagement strategy here.

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2. Universities under growing pressure to cut fees as students say online learning not worth the cost: Forbes

Ninety-four (94) percent of students say online learning isn’t worth the money, according to a OneClass survey. Petitions have formed for colleges to lower online tuition fees—but schools are hesitant to comply after making sizable investments in e-learning.

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3. Colleges are sending students home for Thanksgiving at the worst possible time: The Chronicle of Higher Education

This week is Thanksgiving, meaning students across the country have left campus to go home. Some schools, like the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, have seen up to 3x the number of positive cases in the last two weeks. Axios poll results show that nearly a quarter of students plan to take no precautionary measures when going home—and close to 60 percent of students plan to return to campus after the holidays.

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4. Five easy ideas that build bridges to your online learners: Faculty Focus

When students relate to their instructor, they’re more likely to be satisfied with their learning experience, so says Antone Goyak, Associate Dean at Bob Jones University. Empathetic educators use frequent and personalized communications and let their students see them, such as through video messages that students can access before and after class.

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