A little bit of time invested in learning new ways of doing something can pay huge dividends in the future. Top Hat is an end-to-end teaching platform—which means you can use its tools to support your students at every stage of the learning process: before class, as well as during and after.

Course preparation is becoming increasingly squeezed out by other time pressures. Tenured and tenure-track professors often have research and administration priorities to juggle along with teaching. Adjunct professors, on the other hand, might not even know they are teaching a course until they are hired a week before class begins. And making sure that all the materials and structure is in place before students start can have a profound effect on student success and eventual feedback.

Here are a couple of ways that you can save time with Top Hat during course prep; either when you’re producing a new course or retooling an existing one for a new semester.

1. The latest version of your textbook, your way

Say goodbye to photocopying supplements and wading through four-year-old print textbooks to direct your students to the right paragraphs. With your textbook in Top Hat, you can edit it to include only the content you want, or to update it with any recent research—and to make sure it fits your instructional style.

Plus, when you use a textbook from Top Hat’s Marketplace, updates to assigned content happen automatically on your students’ devices—when updated versions of a textbook come out, and if you make amendments to the content.

Each Top Hat Textbook contains embedded auto-graded questions that support curriculum objectives, and provide students with real-time feedback so that they can maximize the effectiveness of independent study. By adopting interactive content in your class, you can consolidate all of your resources in one place, making it easy for students to see the big picture.


2. Easily update your questions with content packs

You won’t just find textbooks in Top Hat’s Marketplace. Whether you’re using formative or summative assessment in class (or, most likely, both), you can save hours rewriting and assigning new question sets every semester by using Top Hat content.

The Marketplace has new content added regularly—not just textbooks, but also course notes, slide decks and question packs. To find them, search in your subject matter or content area, and
you will see snapshot cards, along with any cost your students will need to pay. To take a deeper look, simply click on the card or content item title to preview it.

With full access to the Top Hat Marketplace, you can add the content collection in its entirety to your course, or deselect the items that are not relevant prior to uploading. The import works in the background—you can continue browsing the Top Hat Marketplace or choose to return to your course.

See more about how you can put Top Hat Textbook and the Marketplace to work for you.

3. Save time with support

When you’re free from performing repetitive tasks such as copying and pasting questions, your precious time is preserved. And whether you’ve just started out with Top Hat, or you’re a veteran, we have a team of instructional designers on call to guide you through importing content, updating your questions, or whatever you need to be successful. Here’s a training pack designed to help you get the most out of Top Hat.

Ultimately, Top Hat is a platform designed around the way that teachers teach and one that supports modern learning methods. To speak with an expert about how Top Hat can save you time when you prepare for your classes, book a personalized demo here.