11 Teaching Quotes to Inspire Educators in 2018

For as long as there have been teachers, there have been people talking about teachers. Here are some teaching quotes for the modern educator—about letting your students challenge their perceptions and themselves, opening up their capacity to understand, and rejecting rote learning in favor of independent thought and analysis. Aristotle “It is the mark of … Continued

Q&A: Phil Hill on Technology Trends in Higher Education

Top Hat’s Interact conference in Phoenix, AZ, will focus on innovators who believe textbooks should be interactive, collaborative, customizable and designed for how today’s students learn. It’ll also provide a big picture view of how educational tech is beginning to realize its full potential. We sat down with keynote speaker, co-founder of education consultancy Mindwires … Continued

University Sued by Microbiology Student in ‘Unusual Case’

Just how responsible should a university be for a student’s success? Are institutions legally responsible for delivering a proposed course syllabus? The answers to such thorny questions are being discussed in a Canadian courtroom after a graduate of Ontario’s Western University sued the school for $11 million over allegations of “substandard education.”   The plaintiff, … Continued

Does Class Size Matter For Student Engagement?

Are larger classes inherently worse than small classes—or do they work better for some subjects than others? And does class size matter when you’re tracking student engagement? Two writers and educators who have featured in Top Hat webinars, Hamilton College sociology professor Daniel Chambliss, and Georgetown University humanities professor Jacques Berlinerblau, offer differing arguments: Berlinerblau contends that … Continued

Top 2018 Edtech Predictions: New Mindsets and Finding Value

We spoke to Elijah Mayfield and Todd Brekhus, two of the top influencers in the educational technology world, to get their 2018 edtech predictions. According to both, if the edtech industry is able to prove its financial and educational worth next year, it can focus on creating new ways of learning, engaging and assessing students … Continued

5 of the Top Edtech Stories From 2017

Education is all about information—which means that any time there’s an evolution or a development in technology, there’s an effect on the education space. And top edtech stories from 2017 have been about anything, it’s been about the change in the way that information is being delivered and organized: be it the devices and platforms … Continued

Cost of Textbooks No Longer Rational For Modern Students

The first days of a new semester used to always be the same: students were physically present for class and roll call was taken. Then, professors sketched notes on a chalkboard and explained the required reading, passed physical handouts and prescribed a list of required course materials for sale at the campus bookstore. That scenario is … Continued

Online Exam Tools: Some Popular Technologies

There’s more to testing than paper. And as schools demand assessment technology that is secure, accessible and respects the integrity of exam conditions during tests taken in class, the market of online exam solutions is expanding. Here are some assessment technologies that provide educators the tools to create secure online exams and maintain academic integrity, … Continued

Adjunct Faculty Members Too Often Isolated From Academia

The teaching profession once held the promise of steady salary and benefits. But adjunct faculty find themselves working with no long-term contracts or links to the academic community.  The American Association of University Professors reports that more than half of all faculty appointments are part-time, and the pool consists of adjuncts who are paid the … Continued